Judas Redux

FAQ about Judas Redux

Hello friends, supporters, and people who may know nothing about us but will soon be a part of our team!

Wanted to take a minute to answer some frequently asked questions that we’ve been getting via twitter, kickstarter, etc.

Will this show be on YouTube?

"The Last Days of Judas Iscariot" will not be on YouTube for one main reason: it is not our work. Out of respect (and legalities) of the playwright, putting the production online is out of the question and unfair. BUT here is the middle ground we are working for: we are going to fight like hell to get the rights to Livestream the production so that hopefully our supporters worldwide will get a chance to see it. When you perform a play written by someone else (the playwright) you have to pay rights.  We have paid the rights to perform the play here in Chicago, but securing any form of video rights requires an extra step. We can’t promise anything, but it is one of our number one goals and we are really going to work for it. Cross your fingers! Pray! Send good vibes to the Universe! Whatever you believe works- send it our way!

Will there be a DVD available?

Of the actual production- most likely no (see reasons above). We ARE planning a documentary though that will be available in yet-to-be-determined form which will chronicle our whole journey from idea and inception of the Kickstarter, all the way until the closing night of the show. This documentary will hopefully and most likely be available to ALL! 

Will Judas and the casting conflict with StarKid’s ‘Twisted’?

We have no idea what is going on with Twisted and the casting, so we can’t really speak to that!

We’ve sorted out our schedule though, which runs from first rehearsal (6.29.2013) to closing night (9.08.2013). Our current ‘Judas’ cast members that are confirmed are Lauren Lopez, Brian Rosenthal, and Joey Richter.  

I (Julia) am going to NYC 4/2-4/15 to audition many NYC people. I will be reviewing LA submissions as well at that time, and then I will return to hold Chicago auditions 4/17 and 4/18.  I say all of this to inform you that we plan to have some form of a casting announcement to you before the Kickstarter Campaign finishes.  

Is this show offensive or mocking to God and Religion?

The short answer is no. We believe this show is equally touching for someone who is deeply spiritual or adamantly atheist.  We do warn, though, that it is no church play- there is significant foul language and many intense and provocative moments.  We suggest that if you have any doubts or concerns, that you seek out a copy of the script in advance to review and make your own judgement.  We hope ultimately that you will find the overall messages as profound and captivating as we do.

How can I stay informed about tickets going on sale and other opportunities to connect to the process?

Our official website is www.judasredux.com, which will either provide you with relevant information or connect you to where you need to be.

You can follow @Judasredux on Twitter for official information and updates, as well as www.youtube.com/judasredux for videos and clips of our process.  If you are a Kickstarter backer we will work hard to give you up-to-date information on what is going on and preview access to ticket on-sales.  

When will tickets go on sale?

May, hopefully! Plenty of time to plan your trip. Trust us, Chicago is BEAUTIFUL in the summer, especially when it starts to blend into fall.  

Why ‘Judas’ now?

Because we wanted to.  Because we needed it. Because the pieces started falling in and who’s to argue with that.  Because we love the play- we so deeply love the play and it almost doesn’t make sense- but we love it still.  

Because audiences deserve to be not just entertained, but challenged and asked- what do you think? Do you agree? Do you disagree? And why?  Because community is a buzzword in the theater, but conversation is often shunned.  Community is nothing without conversation- and lest we forget conversation can on-a-dime turn to controversy. Not talking about it out of decency, though, won’t solve it- so let’s talk.

Because there was Serendipity.  Because the play is a magnet.  And because it was time to take down some walls, lower the mask, pull back the curtain, and start conversing.

That’s why.

(xo, Julia)

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