Judas Redux

More Cast Announcements!

Hello Reduxers!

We have 3 days left for our Kickstarter, a little over 4k and 150 backers to reach our final stretch goal, and we are SO PUMPED to continue rolling out our newest cast additions: Alex Odell, Joe Walker, and Shashona Brooks!

Alex Odell

Alex Odell is just beside herself to be joining this extraordinary production. After graduating from the University of MI acting program with all these other hooligans, she headed to NY. In February of 2012 she launched Insert Name Media and she now spends her days working with young women to change the world. She’s currently producing The Hannah Project with ten NY area teens and in preproduction to put her vlog, Tidbits by Sasha, back in action. Find her @alexodell on twitter cause she loves spilling her secrets and chatting with you.

Joe Walker

Joseph Walker acts, writes, and sometimes teaches in Chicago IL. He graduated from the University of Michigan’s School of Music, Theater, and Dance in 2009, having developed only one of those skills. Upon graduating, he and some friends began Starkid Productions, and Joseph has goofed around in all of their shows to date (A Very Potter Musical, Sequel, and Senior Year, Me and My Dick, Starship, Holy Musical Batman!, and Twisted). He can also be seen on MTV’s “Underemployed”, I think, unless that show got cancelled. He is super excited to work on Judas, not only because of the outstanding people working on the production, but also because this is the first non-musical, dramatic play he’s done in years. And it feels great.

Shashona Brooks

Shashona Brooks is beyond excited to join the cast of Judas and step foot in Chicago for the first time to do it!!! Shashona is a Bay area native and holds a B.A of Theater Arts from UC Santa Cruz. She went on to work with Shakespeare Santa Cruz as a Company Member before moving to the City of Angels. Since her move to LA, she has worked extensively with Finite Films creating internet inspired short films. Shashona is also a resident company member with a budding company called Will Play for Food Theater group, that gives new works a chance to be staged! Favorite roles include; Willy Lohman (Death of a Salesman) Hermia (Midsummer Nights Dream) , Cinderella (Cinderella) and Benvolio (Romeo and Juliet).

Give them a big welcome! More announcements to follow this week, so stay tuned!

-Julia, Corey, Lauren, Joey, Brian and the entire Judas Family!

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